Saturday, 21 November 2009

The most depressing thing ... (part II)

The other thing that councils really don't like to do is acknowledge the depth of experience and expertise that might exist within their own communites.

Some of that expertise is very expensive stuff - when charged - and that makes their unwillingness to make use of it even more bizarre.

When I am employed as a consultant (as opposed to eking my way as jobbing journalist) I am paid at rates not dissimilar to those that the Council no doubt shell out on their commercial consultancies.

I am recognised as an expert on data law, on statistical research - and a few more areas besides. So, if I stick my hand up and offer to help, it always strikes me as strange when councils say no - and prefer instead to spend their money on external consultants.

Oddly, this refusal to capitalise on expertise available is likely to be against the advice that some of the cutting edge consultancies are probably giving them.

Sad. Also, at times, something that makes me very cross indeed, since at the end of the day, their refusal to listen means I end up paying more as a ratepayer anyway.

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