Thursday, 22 October 2009

Being pragmatic about the BNP

So did it do the BNP any good. Yep.

Nick Griffin does not come across as a monster. The panel landed a few blows...but no knock-out..and wtch the comments coming in. How many referred to "Nick". He has arrived in a way he hadn't an hour ago.

Otherwise, two basic questions: who won the intellectual argument? and what about the PR tally?

No-one much in answer to the first. When individuals poked at the BNP position, it is clear that there are serious inconsistencies and intellectual holes. But look what happened when the audience poked Jack Straw on immigration. Sheer incoherence. No. Mr Griffin hasn't got brilliant answers...but one could spot an emerging brand here.

The story is going to be how he is a moderating influence on the BNP. How he took a party that was to the right of Genghis Khan...and brought it back to just slightly to the left of GK.

And positioning is important. Surprised to note a friend praising Bonnie Greer. Oh, no. The IMAGE - and image is key here - was that of patrician put-down. Wonderful for those who already agree: but nothing like so good for those who are tempted by the easy answers of the BNP.

She embodied everything the BNP claim is wrong with the establishment. Snooty, educated - and not relating to the interests and needs of ordinary people.

Not a disaster. Nick Griffin is no Le Pen. Because the problem for French politics for many years was not merely the existence of the Front National...but the extent to which Le Pen was a charismatic operator and went down very well with the media.

Conclusion? Nick Griffin is savvy and dangerous - and on the evidence of today, the existing political establishment are going to have to work a lot harder to stop him from making further gains.

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Anonymous said...

It's not immigration that is the issue, but many people feel a loss of national identity and may look to the BNP as a result.